What is it?

Pagemapvisual is simple script written in Python enables system administrators (or another user with root privileges) read kernel pagemap interface and show given data as charts using matplotlib.

What is provided by pagemap interface?


        usage: pagemapvisual [-h] [--stat [STAT]] [--label [LABEL]]
                             [--filtery [FILTERY]] [--logy] [--limity [LIMITY]]
                             {pagecount,pageflags,pagemap} {bar,pie,csv}

        positional arguments:
                                source of data
          {bar,pie,csv}         type of chart

        optional arguments:
          -h, --help            show this help message and exit
          --stat [STAT]         type of statistics to plot STAT=[uss|pss|shr|swap|res]
                                uss is default
          --label [LABEL]       type of label on pagemap statistics LABEL=[name|pid]
          --filtery [FILTERY]   filter used for y-axis values FILTERY=[[from]:[to]]
          --logy                enable log scale on y-axis
          --limity [LIMITY]     eliminates results to first/last y-values


Few examples of use:

pagemapvisual pagecount pie --filtery=1000: 

pagemapvisual pagecount bar --filtery=50000: 

pagemapvisual pagemap pie --filtery=:10000 --limity=10 

pagemapvisual pagemap bar --filtery=:100000 --limity=10 --stat=swap

pagemapvisual pagemap bar --limity=10 --stat=shr

pagemapvisual pageflags bar

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Petr Holasek

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